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Bush-Fire Risk

Bush-fire Risk

Landslide Risk

Landslide risk

Flood Risk

Flood risk

Noise Pollution

Noise pollution

Easments on the Property

 EasEment Location

Underground Services




Rich data sourced from local councils and state governments

council sewer, stormwater pipes AND water supply locations identified

Up to date property INFORMATION INCLUDED


A tool to help home buyers during the purchase process.

Our reports provides information every home buyer should know before they sign the contract.



Find out if there are hidden restrictions such as sewer, water and stormwater pipes running under the property.

Easements are areas where someone else has the right to use the land, even though they are not the landowner and can restrict a landowner’s ability to do certain things.

Providing this information early will ensure your buyer is confident in signing that contract!


NO SURprises

Is the property at higher risk of catastrophe? Or is the general livability affected by noise from a highway next door?

Properties in areas deemed to be at risk of natural disaster or urban environmental issues may be subject to certain restrictions and obligations.

This data is crucial to understanding the true value of a property.

We were looking to buy our first house in Brisbane and bought a property fact report from Develo.

It picked up that the house was in a fire risk area! The report provided exactly the information we were keen to get, but we didn’t want to wait in line at the council or get it from a lawyer well after we had made an offer.

Develo puts buyers in a great position as you can know the facts before you sign a sales and purchase agreement - and into the box seat to negotiate right when we needed the information.
— Rob & Liz, Brisbane
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