Read how a simple idea turned into a business


Our Purpose

To help home buyers, sellers, agents and industry professionals through the home buying and improvement process.

We take the property search from the conveyancing stage and move it to the start of the home buying journey. Our property reports will save time, money and stress by providing transparency during the sales process, and avoid hidden surprises for the buyer further down the track.

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Our Story

Surfing mates Bevan Gibbs and Grant Johnsen identified a problem within the property and renovating space whilst holidaying on the Sunshine Coast over Christmas with their families in 2016. After brainstorming the idea and mapping out some solutions, Grant pitched the idea to his business mentor Dr. Glen Richards (Greencross Founder & one of the 'sharks' on Channel Ten's Shark Tank) who loved the idea of helping people by bringing property knowledge to buyers before they make an offer, or to renovators looking to start a new exciting project.

From there, Bevan, Grant and Glen pitched the idea to BlueChilli, a global company focussed on empowering entrepreneurs to achieve their vision by turning an idea into a product. This partnership was crucial to the launch of Develo in late September 2017, where their support and guidance has allowed us to get to where we are today.

The Develo team are passionate about bringing an exciting new product to help home buyers, sellers and agents through the home buying process.